About Us

     Novamet was first opened in 1976 in Sterling Forest, NY as a new product development group within INCO (acquired by Vale in 2006).  Novamet’s facilities were located in Wyckoff, NJ from 1980 until June 2014.  In 2010 Novamet was sold to a private investment group and in June 2014 was relocated to an expanded (3X), 100,000 square foot facility in Lebanon, TN (20 miles east of Nashville).

     Novamet Specialty Products produces more than 60 different products including specialty nickel oxides, coated materials, tightly sized nickel powders and metallic flakes.  Novamet specializes in products customized to meet our diverse customer needs.  By utilizing heat treating, milling, chemical processing, blending, air classification and screening, the plant produces precision-engineered products to the most exacting specifications.

     Novamet products are used in a variety of industries and applications.  Specialty nickel oxides are found in important applications such as automotive & refining catalyst, fuel cells and electronic devices.  Coated products are found in shielding, surfacing and melting applications.  Tightly sized nickel powders are used in electronics, metal injection molding, additive manufacturing and a wide range of other applications.  Metallic flake pigments of nickel, zinc, stainless steel and nickel & iron-based alloys are supplied for conductive, magnetic, corrosion-resistant and decorative applications.

     Novamet also offers a variety of metal powders as the exclusive North American distributor for carbonyl nickel powder products from Vale and nickel and cobalt oxides from SEIDO.  We also distribute carbonyl iron powder, dendritic copper and nickel foam.  We are also approached frequently for distribution of other metal powders due to the diverse market application experience of our commercial team.

     Novamet’s goal is to provide products that satisfy the needs of our customers.  When a standard product cannot satisfy a customers specific need, we will work with the customer to design and produce a product that meets or exceeds the specific customer’s requirements.

Novamet has been registered to ISO 9001 since 1998 and was recently re-certified in its new Tennessee facility.

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